Our Journey

Across the years. Our history is a journey that never stops.

Our Beginnings

Our journey began in 2019 when two young hearts, Finn and Max, then aged 7 and 9, were moved by the plight of abandoned sloths in Costa Rica. Inspired by their story, they decided to take action, sparking the inception of The Good Sole Co. Their simple yet powerful idea was to design socks with a purpose - to raise funds and awareness for various causes. Click below to see some of our awesome socks!

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Supporting the community

Since then, The Good Sole Co has grown into a beacon of hope, extending support to numerous charities, schools, and non-profit organizations. Each pair of our socks is not just a fashion statement but a symbol of giving back, raising awareness, and making a difference. We’re proud to say that through our efforts, we’ve managed to help support organizations doing remarkable work for animals, people, and communities.

Good Game Co. is Born!

In 2022, our passion took a new direction with the creation of The Good Game Co. Born out of our love for sports and commitment to our community, The Good Game Co carries forward our legacy of giving back through initiatives that promote social welfare.

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